Best Money Tips: Frugal Pet Care

By Ashley Jacobs on 25 May 2011 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on frugal pet care, tips for investing in penny stocks, and giant money wasters.

Top 5 Articles

Frugal Friday - Pet Care — Save money on pet care by buying pet food in bulk. [Amateur Financier]

Tips For Investing In Penny Stocks: Elephants Don't Gallop — If you want to invest in penny stocks, remember that timing is everything. [The Digerati Life]

10 More Giant Money Wasters — Don't waste money on new name brand clothing. [The Simple Dollar]

5 Simple Ways to Save for Vacation — Save for your next vacation by planning your vacation during the off-season. [Christian PF]

Summer Wedding Savings Tips - How To Be A Smart Spending Guest — Be a financially smart wedding guest by carpooling to weddings that are out of town. [Mogo Savings Blog]

Other Essential Reading

How To Do A Girls' Night Out As A Mom — Do a girl's night out as a mom by organizing a date. [Parenting Squad]

Five Career Moves with Exponential Returns — Make a career move that will pay off by reading an industry-related book. [Get Rich Slowly]

7 Meditation Tips to Help Refresh and Relax You — Refresh and relax yourself by not concentrating on keeping thoughts out of your mind. [Personal Dividends]

How to Prep Your Car for a Trade In — Prepare your car for a trade in by giving it a good waxing. [Currency]

Memorial Day Freebies, Events, and Sweepstakes — Don't miss out on the "Remember Our Heroes" Sweepstakes this Memorial Day. [Coupon Sherpa]

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