Best Money Tips: Fun Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found fun ways to make money while you travel, common budgeting mistakes, and steps to a happy new you.

Top 5 Articles

20 Fun Ways to Make Money While Traveling the World — Many hostels offer discounts to visitors who agree to work there part-time. [Money Pantry]

7 Common Budgeting Mistakes — Setting a budget that's too strict, and constantly overspending because of it, can make you want to give up on budgeting altogether. [Well Kept Wallet]

12 Steps to a Happy New You — Let go any guilt you have over past choices. Strive to make better choices today. [Get Out of Debt Guy]

15 Qualities That Will Impress Your Boss — Bosses like employees who are on the ball. For example, show up for meetings on time, with notes and ideas. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Deals and Steals: Family Shopping Guide for December — This is the month to shop for toys and tools! [Parenting Squad]

Other Essential Reading

If You Want To Reach Your Goals, These Are The Things You Need To Do — To reach your goals, you'll have to make sacrifices, go the extra mile, and take action even when it's hard. [Ready To Be Rich]

5 Money Saving Last Minute Tips for Holiday Party Food — The Classic Dump Cake is an easy, affordable dessert. Stock on up the ingredients so you're ready for all the holiday parties you're attending. [Frugal Village]

Tips to Throwing a Great Holiday Party on a Tight Budget — The more people you invite, the more you'll spend on food and drinks, and the prep and clean-up will be more stressful, too. So pare down your guest list to VIPs only. [Money Ning]

3 Habits That Can Ruin Your Business — Neglecting your health can harm your business, too. Your decision-making and effectiveness suffers when you're always tired and you can't concentrate. []

How to Fight Back Against Identity Theft — Act fast! Contact the companies that may have been affected and set up a fraud alert on your credit report. [Couple Money]

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