Best Money Tips: Genius Ways to Use Leftover Fruits and Veggies


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found genius ways to use leftover produce, the best stores for Black Friday this year, and simple tricks to cut costs over the holidays.

Top 5 Articles

26 Genius Uses For Leftover Fruits and Vegetables — You can use citrus rinds as natural planters for your seedlings, then plant them directly in your garden when they're big enough! [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Reasons You'll Never Get Out of Debt — You'll always be in debt if you constantly make up excuses to put off money management. [Money Talks News]

Black Friday sales: the 10 best stores for 2015 — Target, Walmart, and Kohl's are worth checking out, but Best Buy will have the best Black Friday sale of the year, hands down. [The Monitor]

Simple Tricks To Cut Costs & Save Up For The Holidays (Starting Today!) — Making DIY gifts is a great way to save money, but don't be caught in a pinch! Start planning your projects now and buy supplies in bulk if you can. [Frugal Beautiful]

3 Monumental Startup Disasters And How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Them — Got a million-dollar idea? Take steps to protect yourself! Don't repeat these mistakes. [Dumb Little Man]

Other Essential Reading

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day for a Better Tomorrow — Ask yourself periodically, "How am I feeling right now?" Acknowledging your feelings, whether they’re negative or positive, is an empowering thing. [Life Optimizer]

4 Things You Can Do to Save Money Today! — Phones plans change all the time, and phone companies don't always tell you when they do. Do some research and see if your provider offers a cheaper plan. [Dinks Finance]

5 Ways to Get Rid of Financial Lifestyle Creep — When you start to feel that luxuries are becoming necessities, think back to a time when you couldn't afford the luxury. If you could make do without it then, you can make do without it now. [Everyday Financial Strategies]

Top 6 Free Tools to Start and Grow your Online Business — Use Coogle, mind mapping tool, to quickly organize your ideas. [Reach Financial Independence]

How to Save Time and Money on Your Laundry — Make sure your dryer is running efficiently by checking the external dryer vent for any lint or dirt build-up. [Don't Pay Full]

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