Best Money Tips: Get Rid of Social Media Pests

By Amy Lu on 8 October 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we give you tips to battle pesky Facebook "friends," a tasty recipe to finish off leftover red wine, and a very cool way to make your sneaks light up!

Top 5 Articles

How to Get Rid of Villains in Social Media (Infographic) — Check out this infographic to learn how to deal with trolls, skeptics, disruptors, and more! Search Engine Journal

How To: Use Up Leftover Red Wine — This recipe for figs baked in red wine sounds divine! Miss Thrifty

Super Bright LED Sneakers — Learn how to attach LED strips to your sneakers for safer early-morning or evening runs…or just for fun! Art for the Internet via Make: Online

Crafty Napkin Rings for Fall Get Togethers — Kid-friendly and highly customizable, this easy napkin ring project would be a hit with any age group! Wholesome Mommy

How to Limit the Halloween Candy Eating Frenzy — Halloween doesn't have to be all about the candy. Shift the focus from eating trick-or-treat loot to other fun activities. Diets in Review

Other Essential Reading

True Romance: Dating With Financial Attitudes in Mind —You probably won't do a full-on "talk" on your first date, but it doesn't hurt to think about the signals you're receiving (and sending) with regards to money matters. Consumerism Commentary via Currency

The 3 Sneaky Traps of Positive Thinking — It doesn't do you any good if you take positive thinking too far. In fact, it can keep you from dealing with your problems. The Positivity Blog

5 Free Ways to Improve Your Typing Skills Online — Sites like TypingMaster and TypingWeb will help you increase your speed, accuracy, and technique. (I'm starting with the TypeRacer game, though!) Mashable

When You Shouldn't Be Tight With Money — We often talk about ways to save money, but there are a few cases where it's OK to splurge, such as on self-development and education, eating well, and insurance. Green Panda Treehouse

Are You Overworking? 7 Important Steps To Avoid Burnout — Take regular breaks from work, if not nightly then weekly. Set aside time for non-work activities and stick to it — no checking work emails! Dumb Little Man

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