Best Money Tips: Get Rid of Your Debt


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on ways to get rid of your debt, how to avoid going from frugal to cheap, and how to choose the right investment firm.

Top 5 Articles

20+ Ways to Get Rid of Your Debt for Good — Get rid of your debt for good by always trying to improve your current income. [Dumb Little Man]

How To Avoid Going From Frugal To Cheap — Be frugal and not cheap by considering the cost of your time. [Not Made Of Money]

Choosing the Right Investment Firm — Make sure you choose the right investment firm by knowing what you want to invest in. [The Amateur Financier]

When It Pays to Buy a New Car — If you can get a tax break to buy a new car, sometimes it's worth it to buy new instead of used. [Kiplinger]

5 Ways To Not Pay For Your Checking Account — Avoid paying for your checking account by taking advantage of direct deposits. [Beating Broke]

Other Essential Reading

How to Ask for a Pay Raise — If you are thinking about asking for a pay raise, be sure to mentally prepare yourself for negotiations. [Moolanomy]

Great Gifts For High School And College Graduates — Do you know a student who is graduating this year? One of the best gifts you can give them is cash. [Parenting Squad]

10 Lessons I've Learned As A Small Business Owner — To be a successful small business owner, you have to love your work. [The Digerati Life]

The Value of a Minimal Approach — A minimal approach can be valuable because it teaches you to be patient with your purchase when deciding to upgrade. [The Simple Dollar]

5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping — Stay safe when shopping online by reviewing transactions. [Couple Money]

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