Best Money Tips: Get Your Kids to Save

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on getting your kids to save, saving by spending on select days, and things you shouldn't keep in your wallet.

Top 5 Articles

7 Quick, Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Save-Today! — Get your kids to save money today by offering to match their deposits. [Credit Sesame]

How-To: Save By Spending On Select Days — Want to save money? Consider going cash only over the weekend. [SavvySugar]

6 Things You Should Never Keep In Your Wallet — To prevent identity theft, never carry your social security card or important passcodes in your wallet. [Lifehack]

Tips to Shrink Your Teen's Cell Phone Bill — Use parental controls to shrink your teen's cell phone bill. [Money Talks News]

10 DIY Projects to Complete in Under 1 Hour — You can make decorative cork boards in under 1 hour. [Mainstreet]

Other Essential Reading

3 Reasons to Dump Your Checkbook — You might want to consider dumping your checkbook since checks can easily get lost. [Bargaineering]

All Hail the 'Snack o' Lantern' — When carving pumpkins this Halloween, turn the seeds into a snack instead of just throwing them away. [MSN Money]

10 Things You Must Know About Medicare — Did you know there are certain things medicare will not cover? [Kiplinger]

Real Estate 101: Finding Your Niche — Find your niche in real estate by choosing a strategy that fits who you are. [Free Money Finance]

13 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Halloween — To have a safe and healthy Halloween, double check your child's candy before you let him or her eat it. [Parenting Squad]

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