Best Money Tips: Getting Credit for Your Work

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share tips on making sure you receive credit where it's due, getting work done in holiday-filled December, choosing and using a babysitter, and more!

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Six Strategies To Make Sure You're Getting Credit For Your Work — Giving presentations help to make you (and your work) visible…just make sure it's the good kind. Before you present, get feedback from a trusted co-worker and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Free Money Finance

Managing your workflow in December — Staying productive in December is hard when everyone is off on vacation or partying over the holidays. As such, now isn't the time to tackle big projects. Unclutterer

Tips For Choosing And Using A Babysitter — Being home during the new babysitter's first few appointments will help you and your kids get to know the babysitter (and vice versa) before you leave your kids in their care. Parenting Squad

How I Got Cheated by a Fake Charity, and How to Avoid It — It's the season of giving…and scammers know it! Sometimes, they'll try to entice you by guaranteeing sweepstakes winnings. Be sure to check out the charity before you contribute. Len Penzo via Currency

How to Look Great for Less this Holiday Season — Who says antiperspirant is only for the underarms? Apply wherever you tend to sweat. (It can also prevent chaffing.) Money Ning

Other Essential Reading

Missing the Gift-Giving Gene? Here's How to Find Meaningful Gifts that Won't Break the Bank — You need do two things: know the person well and pay attention to how they live. For example, you can get them a gift card for a place where they like to eat or shop. MoneyCrush

Top 10 Gifts for Coworkers — Buying gifts for co-workers can be difficult if you don't know them well, but you can't go wrong with wine! (Unless they don't drink, of course, in which case a card case will work just fine.) BlogHer

75 Ways To Stay Unhappy Forever — It's good to make friends, but don't try to be everyone's friend. Marc and Angel Hack Life

How to Put Old Greeting Cards to Use — Reuse old greeting cards but cutting the front and gluing it onto a new blank card or cardstock. wikiHow

Your Online Footprint — For better or worse, it's becoming more and more important to manage our online presence. Learn how to control what shows up when someone searches your name on Google. Productivity 501

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I mostly disagree with much of the "Top 10 Gifts for Coworkers" article. It seems overly specific to the work area of the author.

I'm not fond of the idea of giving wine to casual aquaintances. Maybe it's because I live in the south, but there seem to be many issues that go along with alcohol (religious views, history of alcoholism, individual taste) that are not always discussed openly. For closer friends and people who you know enjoy wine, it does make sense. But for the casual friend or coworker, it just seems a bit insensitive to make the blanket statement that "everyone likes wine".

Some of the other options seem like the would work for some groups of people but rarely for all
- An iPod dock assumes the recipient has an office with walls and doors. Working in cubeville, playing music without headphones is impractical.
- Travel maps or containers - Great for a new business traveler but mostly useless for the non-traveler, one who already has their set of plastic bottles or a SmartPhone or GPS.
- Cell Phone or iPod case - People don't automatically buy those when they buy a new device? Again, maybe it's the group that I work and hang out with, but it seems like cases are so device specific and everyone buys a case when they get a new device just as a matter of course that buying one for a gift would be mostly useless.

That said, the idea of homemade foodstuffs, especially brought in to work and shared with the group seem to be the best idea for my work area. As a baker, that's generally what I do for any special occasions that my group celebrates. It's a nice gesture that most everyone appreciates and can be done fairly inexpensively and easily. For those who don't bake, picking up foodstuffs (cookies and cakes go over especially well with my work group) at a good bakery is a great alternative.

Amy Lu's picture
Amy Lu

Thanks for the input! You're absolutely right -- wine won't work for everyone. I'm not a big wine fan myself, but I do appreciate a gifted bottle because that means I'll have something on hand for impromptu entertaining (or regifting).

Of course, not everything on a top-/best-list will work for everyone, but what I like about these lists is that you might find a suggestion that you hadn't thought of before. (For me, it was the Etsy card cases!)

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Thanks for including my post :)