Best Money Tips: Girl Scout Cookies on the Cheap


Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how to bargain shop for Thin Mints, the best way to get cheap airfare, and some cool ways to make gourmet tea with your french press!

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Yes, Girl Scout Cookies on the Cheap — After last week’s uproar when we suggested you make your own, here’s a way to support your troops for a little less. Did you know that you can actually “shop around” for these yummy treats? SmartMoney

The Frequent Flier’s Guide to Finding Cheap Airfare — Skip the major airlines, and get yourself a deal! This is just one of the many great tips featured in this vacation-worthy piece. Lifehacker

Super-Easy Red Wine Vinaigrette — There’s no reason not to make your own! 30-Minute Martha

When Your Mental Health Keeps You From Success — There’s not much to say about this touching and true article. You just have to read it. The Simple Dollar

5 Gourmet Herbal Tea Infusions for Your French Press — These are delicious ways to hydrate this summer, and they also taste great on ice! Get the simple directions and photos here. Squawkfox

Other Essential Reading

Are Automatic IRAs The Answer for Low Income Workers Saving for Retirement? Love that this article presents both sides of the argument. It’s great reading for anyone who’s wanted to know more about this type of IRA. Generation X Finance

How to Optimize Your Spending — It’s not enough to just try to spend less. You have to know where that cash is going! Get some great starter tips here. PT Money

Costs in Buying a Home Besides Your Mortgage — If you’re pricing homes and going just off of the mortgage calculator’s figure to find out if you can afford it — you may be missing a huge chunk of the cost! Read on for the cold, hard truth of what it costs to own a home. Free From Broke

Can You Make a Living Recycling 10-cent Bottles and Cans? Our next-door neighbor, Iowa, is one of those states that offers a nice bounty for returning empties. But can you really make that much from the process? Fiscal Fizzle

Breastfeeding Could Save Lives and Money — It’s interesting to read about this topic from the perspective of a Dad. What do you think? Parenting Squad

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Few people are going to live near enough to another Girl Scout Council to justify the gas/time, etc to get to that other Council. Even if you're getting cookies for $3 a box, you're going to have to ship them and that will eat any savings you're getting.

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I used to work not far from Girl Scout headquarters in Manhattan and I'd be able to stop by to buy Girl Scout Cookies.  I might have to look into shopping around for them now!