Best Money Tips: Good Morning Habits for a Great Day


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the good morning habits to start your day off right, powerful time management strategies, and 2015's top affordable vacation destinations.

Top 5 Articles

Up and at 'Em! 25 Good Morning Habits for a Great Day — Get up and out of the bedroom as soon as you wake up to avoid the temptation of jumping back under the covers. [PopSugar Smart Living]

3 Powerful Time Management Strategies — What time of the day are you most productive? Do your most important tasks then; the rest you can do even when you're tired. [Time Management Ninja]

Top Affordable Vacation Destinations for 2015 — Dallas is at the top of Priceline's list of most affordable destinations in 2015. It has the lowest average hotel room rate of any metropolitan area as well as many cultural and sports attractions throughout the year. [Kiplinger]

5 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft While Traveling Over the Holidays — Don't overshare vacation details online while you're traveling. It makes you a more likely target for theft when people know you're not home. [Credit Sesame]

7 Budget-Busting Fashion Rules You Should Ignore — Your shoes, top, and purse don't all need to match! Keep it simple; choose neutrals that are easy to mix and match. [LearnVest]

Other Essential Reading

12 Personal Finance Podcasts to Consider for Your Commute — Tune in to these podcasts to learn about budgeting, investing, getting out of debt, and other money issues! [PT Money]

6 Ways to Trim Your Budget, Not Your Lifestyle — You can still travel on a tight budget — just be flexible with your travel plans and keep an eye out for deals. [Don't Pay Full]

Winning the Potluck: 5 Cheap and Easy Potluck Ideas — With garlic bread, you can get away with just using stale bread, simple butter, and garlic salt. [Money Under 30]

5 Vegetarian Side Dishes for Your Holiday Table — Balance out your holiday meal with delicious roasted sweet potatoes and kale! [Parenting Squad]

Don't Let Your Savings Go to the Dogs… 6 Tips to Save on Pet Care — You'll get deep discounts on pet food by shopping online. Check Amazon or Petco's and Petsmart's online stores, where they offer special discounts on bulk purchases and scheduled reorders. [Bargaineering]

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