Best Money Tips: Have a Fantastic Honeymoon on a Budget


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on having a fantastic honeymoon on a budget, earning more income with less work, and car insurance 101.

Top 5 Articles

How to Have a Fantastic Honeymoon on a Budget — To save money on your honeymoon, book a suite with a kitchen. [20 and Engaged]

4 Ways to Earn More Income with Less Work — Earn more income while working less by increasing your hourly rate. [Careful Cents]

Car Insurance 101 — Did you know there are seven primary types of car insurance? [The Jenny Pincher]

8 Things to Do as You Spring Clean Your Finances — When spring cleaning your finances, evaluate your retirement contributions. [Financial Highway]

4 Reasons to Be Debt Free Before You Get Married — By being debt free before you get married, you will have already learned how to make sacrifices. [PT Money]

Other Essential Reading

Top 7 Tips to Consider while Negotiating Credit Card Debt — When negotiating your credit card debt, be prepared for your credit score to take a hit. [Bad Credit Blog]

Double-Check These 5 Things Before Booking Hotels Online — Before booking your hotel online, remember to see if there is an extra fee for booking online. [SavvySugar]

Tips for buying the best pet insurance. — Get the best pet insurance by asking for multi-pet discounts. [Simple Debt-Free Finance]

5 Crafty Ideas for a More Colorful Spring — Make butterflies out of pipe cleaner and tissue paper to have a more colorful spring. [Parenting Squad]

10 Weird Ways to Use Your Credit Card — Many cities now make it possible for you to pay parking meters using your credit card. [MainStreet]

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