Best Money Tips: Help Your Marriage Survive a Startup

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share what it takes to hold a marriage together when one spouse is starting a new business, easy ways to save money at airports, and tips for using Google Analytics.

Top 5 Articles

How to Divorce-Proof Your Start Up — The rewards of a successful startup can be great — but before you get there, the work may strain you and your family to the limit. In these stressful times, communication is key. Jonathan Fields

5 Ways to Save Money at Airports — Food at the airport is always, always overpriced. Travel smart. Pack a sandwich (or two!) in your carry-on. Squirrelers

5 Simple Ways to Get More out of Google Analytics — With In-Page Analytics, you can see exactly where people click on each page of your website. How cool is that? GigaOM

10 things to shop for after Christmas — From bake ware and linens to furniture and electronics — pretty much everything goes on sale after Christmas. Frugal Village

How To Save Money On Prescription Medication Without Insurance — Contact your local social services office to get a list of the free clinics in your area. If there aren't any nearby, look for sliding fee hospitals. Amateur Asset Allocator

Other Essential Reading

10 Ways You Can Give This Season (without spending a lot of money) — Simple gestures go a long way. If you're not in a rush at checkout, let the person behind you go first. All Financial Matters

Open House Survival Guide — Don't start your open house tour on an empty stomach. The snacks that the realtors set out are only there to reel you in. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Maximize Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency — Try to maintain even acceleration — pressing on the gas pedal eats up gas. The Simple Dollar

5 Reasons You Should Update Your Will — Tax laws are always changing — and don't we know it! Some changes can affect your will and how it'll be executed. Bucksome Boomer

The Pros and Cons of Banking Online — Online banking certainly has convenience on their side: you can bank anywhere, anytime, and it's pretty secure, to boot. The Digerati Life

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