Best Money Tips: Homemade Car Cleaning Products

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share a recipe for homemade car wax, how to cook anchovies, and why paper makes a great alternative to wood flooring! 

Top 5 Articles 

Homemade Car Cleaning Products – Want to save big bucks on tire cleaner, car wax, and more? This roundup of DIY recipes is genius! Gather Little By Little 

Hotel Rewards Cheat Sheet Shows the Real Cost of Free Nights – Think that you’re getting a great deal with that free night promo at your favorite chain hotel? Maybe you’re not. Get all the details and avoid overspending for those free nights. Nerd Wallet via LifeHacker 

Introduction to Anchovies – I’m a bit squeamish about eating these tiny fish, but this amazing post really puts their potential into perspective! Learn about exciting ways to create yummy dishes with these little fishes. (You’ll also want to read this how-to for preparing both sardines and smelt!)  Scordo 

DIY Alternative to Wood Floors – When I first saw this, I thought it was a practical joke! Using brown kraft paper as flooring material, however, happens to be a very affordable and beautiful alternative to expensive wood materials. You’ll love this! An Oregon Cottage 

Stock Your Bathroom on the Cheap – I love that this writer suggested using trial sized samples to keep the ladies’ (or men’s) room well-stocked! The Dollar Stretcher


Other Essential Reading 

How to Make Drop Dumplings – These are ridiculously easy, and so delicious-looking! Can’t you imagine them swimming in a tasty beef stew? Home Ec 101 

What to Do About a Passive-Aggressive Spouse – This is a very eye-opening article, perfect for dealing with anyone in your life who display this behavior (maybe it’s you?) Happily Ever After 

8 Tips for Stress-Free Camping – The most popular time of year for camping is almost upon us! If the thought of packing up and sleeping under the stars has you a bit anxious (especially if you’re going with kids), this list can give you some support. Simple Mom 

Destination Wedding Vs. Traditional At-Home Wedding: Which is Cheaper? This is a great breakdown of each type of wedding and the costs involved. If you’re mulling over the idea of getting away from it all for your vows, this is a must-read! Young and Thrifty Ca 

Save Money by Taking Notes – This simple task can net big savings. Find out how via Trent’s straightforward advice. The Simple Dollar

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