Best Money Tips: How Being Late on Your Mortgage Affects Your Score

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how many points a late mortgage payment will cost you, how early retirement might not be smart, and if you can really make any money chasing rates.

Top 5 Articles

How Being Late on a Mortgage Payment Affects Your Credit Score — Think it's just a little ding? Depending on how long you wait, a late payment could really mess with your score! CNN Money via Free Money Finance

10 Social Media Blunders That Will Hurt Your Career — Don't be stupid. Know the rules for posting online, before you lose your job! LearnVest

Can You Actually Make Money Chasing Rates? Some people swear by it, but is it really a feasible way to make cash? Trent explains. The Simple Dollar

5 Weird Habits that Can make You Rich — They are not for everyone, but this quirky ways of looking at finance can keep you out of debt! Gen Y Wealth

The Dark Side of Early Retirement — If you're still planning on ditching the work force at 65, you may want to reconsider. There are some serious disadvantages that need to be explored! Financial Samurai

Other Essential Reading

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Premium Gasoline Possibly Switched with Ethanol E-85 — Oops! A possible recent fuel blunder may affect your car. Find out how you can cash in on this accusation. Consumerism Commentary

Your Future Financial Security Depends on You… and Only You — This is a hard-hitting piece that everyone should read. It really is all about you. Moolanomy

Six "WFT" Credit Cards — These cards aren't exactly the cream of the crop. Find out why before you sign up! Nerd Wallet

Parting with Sentimental Clutter — It's not easy, but it might be necessary! If you're holding on to years' of memories, this read is for you! Unclutterer

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Additional financial tips can be found on Shari Mattingly-Bevan's blog at

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I think it generally applies to all. Being late in payments will give a negative characterization for you and an image that may affect your further credit abilities. It may also leads to credit adjustments that signifies an additional interest on your delayed payments. Payments are very reliable source of good credit because it values our responsive quality and mirrors out our trustworthiness.