Best Money Tips: How Much to Tip

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on how much to tip, why you need life insurance, and things you pay too much money for.

Top 5 Articles

How Much to Tip (and to Whom) — During holidays, be sure to tip your garbage collector $15-$25. [Get Rich Slowly]

The Number One Reason Why You Need Life Insurance — One of the biggest reasons for needing life insurance is so that your family needs your financial support to survive. [Careful Cents]

10 Things You Are Paying Far Too Much Money For — Chances are you are paying too much for greeting cards. [Personal Finance Advice]

Three Fuel-Saving Hacks for Long Roadtrips — If you are planning a long roadtrip, save fuel by not running your air conditioning and opting to use a spray bottle to keep cool. [Mr. Money Mustache]

How To Build Your Savings On A Tight Budget — To build your savings on a tight budget, automate your savings. [Stack The Chips]

Other Essential Reading

5 Habits That Keep You From Achieving Your Goals — Not believing in yourself can be a reason you don't achieve your goals. [Free From Broke]

How Making Quick Decisions Can Save You Money (and Make You Happier) — By making quick decisions, you can avoid decision fatigue. [Canadian Finance Blog]

9 Investing Tips You Must Know Before You Invest a Single Dollar — Remember to pay attention to fees before you invest. [Money Help For Christians]

5 Rules For Following Up After The Interview — When following up after an interview, make sure you follow up within 2 weeks. [SavvySugar]

ProSquad: Helping Children Who Have Been Adopted Process Their Past — If your child is adopted, help him or her process their past by being honest about things. [Parenting Squad]

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