Best Money Tips: How the Sharing Economy Can Save You Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on how the sharing economy can save you money, ways to save at Target, and how to take a minimalist approach to work.

Top 5 Articles

Hotels, Office Space, And Car Rentals: Where Will The Sharing Economy Save You Money? — While taking part in the sharing economy can save you a lot of money, it isn't for everyone. [Money Under 30]

25 Amazing Ways to Save More at Target — Check your Target receipts for coupons before you toss them out! [PopSugar Smart Living]

The Simple Office: How to Use a Minimalist Approach to Work — A minimalist office can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Start by questioning everything — especially the processes that you don’t actually need. [The Tiny Life]

7 Ways to Save on Groceries By Making a List — While weekly grocery list is necessary for your regular shopping, a monthly list will help you track the staple items that you would want to buy in bulk. [Everyday Finance]

Money story: Small acts of kindness create social capital — Social capital is about creating value and a positive impact among your social network. It's something that will bring a lot of value to your life down the road. [Get Rich Slowly]

Other Essential Reading

Cloud? Mall? Why internet metaphors matter in net neutrality debate — The debates over what metaphors to use for the internet show how mental images shape public opinion. [The Christian Science Monitor]

Green Living At Home: Tips To Save Energy & Money — Eliminate standby power by using smart power strips that will automatically turn off electricity to plugged-in devices when they're not in use. [Mad Money Monster]

Always Calculate The Opportunity Cost When Making A Major Investment — Investing in one thing means you're not investing in something else. Make sure that your returns will be worth giving up on that other opportunity. [Financial Samurai]

4 Key Areas to Review and Reset Your Money! — It's important to review your finances regularly to make sure you're on track for your goals and to adjust if necessary. [Couple Money]

What to Do If You’re Terrified You’re Going to Screw Up Life — Know that there are no guarantees in life. You'll have an easier time navigating life when you recognize that you will be disappointed sometimes — and that it's normal. [The College Investor]

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