Best Money Tips: How to Age Well on a Shoestring

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on how to age well on a shoestring, tools to help you reclaim your time, and a morning checklist for the best day ever.

Top 5 Articles

10 Ways to Age Well on a Shoestring — Working out your muscles with resistance exercises will give you better balance, stronger bones, weight control, and improved sleep. You can save on weightlifting equipment by using cans of food or milk jugs filled with sand. [Cheapism]

Reclaim Your Time: 4 Online Tools to Stop Distractions — RescueTime tracks your web activity so you know how much time you spend on certain websites. [Careful Cents]

Have the Best Day Ever With This 10-Step Morning Checklist — Doing 10 minutes of cardio in the morning jump-starts your metabolism and gives you a quick energy boost. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The 10 Most Important Things to Know About Medicare — Make sure you know the difference between traditional, fee-for-service Medicare and a Medicare Advantage Plan. [Retirement Revised]

10 Affordable Ideas to Give Your Desk the Makeover It Needs — Store your knick-knacks in a nice tray with slightly raised sides. It will help organize your desk and make it look less cluttered! [SheBudgets]

Other Essential Reading

3 Ways to Stop Eating Out — If you find that you keep doing unplanned food runs while you're out, get into the habit of eating a nutritious, filling snack before you leave the house. [Retired By 40]

Why Stores Place Candy by the Checkout Counter (and Why We Fail With New Habits) — By the time you reach the checkout line, you've made so many decisions about what to buy (and not buy) that it becomes easy to give in to an impulse purchase. [James Clear]

Best Places to Sell Your Stuff to Make Quick Cash — is great for selling your used books and DVDs. [My Dollar Plan]

Sharing Random Acts of Kindness as a Family — Get the whole family involved in spreading kindness. You can organize a toy drive, pass out cups of coffee to your neighbors as the leave for work, or invite friends over and cook dinner for them. [Parenting Squad]

Are You Teaching Your Kids The Right Life Skills? — Before your kids reach adulthood, make sure they know how to cook and do laundry. [Clever Dude]

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