Best Money Tips: How to Ask for a Raise

By Amy Lu on 29 October 2010 2 comments
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share how to ask for a raise (yes, in this economy!), how to make your own piñata, last-minute Halloween costume and decoration ideas, scientific explanations for paranormal activity in your house, and more!

Top 5 Articles

Asking for a Raise in a Tight Economy — Believe it or not, this is one of the best times to ask for a raise. Here's how you do it. CNBC

D.I.Y. PIÑATA!! — Caution: These piñatas may induce such attachment that using them for their intended purpose — stuffing them with candy to be hit by kids with a stick — may seem cruel and unconscionable. And the kids may cry. Giddy Giddy via Parent Hacks

5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and Decorations — Psst! Halloween is this Sunday! If you somehow missed the memo, here are some suggestions to help you pull together last-minute costumes and decorations without the last-minute vibe. Sound Money Matters

Is your house haunted—or is it just drafty? — Sure, it's thrilling to think that your house may be haunted, but the non-paranormal explanation can cause a scare, too. Consumer Reports via The Consumerist

How to Slay Energy Vampires — They drain your energy even when they aren't live…they're energy vamps! (Or: internal clocks, display LEDs, battery chargers, etc.) Get Rich Slowly

Other Essential Reading

Upgrade Your Ride Without Breaking the Bank — If your first choice is out of budget range, explore other options. You may find a better deal in another comparable ride. Cash Money Life via Currency

Seven Rules for an Enjoyable Retirement — Spend time on the people and activities that you like; focus on the experiences and memories! Free Money Finance

Your Credit Card Was Stolen - What Should You Do? — There are two important steps: report the crime to your credit card company ASAP, then file a police report. Green Panda Treehouse

5 Items for Your November Financial Checklist — Stores are trying to clear shelf space for new merchandise, so do your holiday shopping in the sale/clearance section. Personal Dividends

Should You Buy A Rental Car Insurance? — You may already be covered through your credit card company or your own auto insurance, so be sure to check before you buy rental care insurance. Moolanomy

13 Financial Frights — Lost a wallet? Get audited by the IRS?  Plummeting house value? Here are the biggest financial nightmares and more importantly, their solutions. Kiplinger.

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Amy, a great collection of reads, specially the pinata post. Will definitely try to make one of these at home. Thanks for the include!

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They look so cute I don't think I'd be able to hit them.