Best Money Tips: How to Avoid 4 Common Forms of Accidental Death

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on the common forms of accidental death, ways to stay motivated at the gym, and kitchen skills that help you save time.

Top 5 Articles

4 Common Forms of Accidental Death and How to Avoid Them — Did you know that 25% of fatal falls occur from less than 10 feet high? The severity of a fall depends on how you land. [Money Talks News]

How to Stay Motivated at The Gym — Bring a notebook or your phone when you work out to record each exercise — the reps, sets, and weights. This concrete record of your progress will motivate you on your fitness journey. [Dumb Little Man]

Save Time with Efficient Kitchen Skills — Soup is a great make-ahead dish! You can pack a ton of healthy goodness into soup, it's easy to store, and it only requires one pot so clean-up is a breeze. [Asian Efficiency]

These 14 JetBlue Facts Will Make You Love the Airline Even More — JetBlue offers the most legroom in coach out of any U.S. airline. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Netflix will be raising its prices soon - for some accounts — Netflix subscribers who were grandfathered in under older pricing tiers will see an increase in the cost of their monthly subscription. By the end of the year, all Netflix customers be paying $9.99 per month for the standard streaming plan. [The Monitor]

Other Essential Reading

Use These 4 Steps to Improve Your Life… Financially — Think ahead and plan out your day. When you're rushed and stressed, you end up spending more on frivolous things — like a McDonald's breakfast on days when you didn't have time to eat at home. [My Dollar Plan]

How to Find Your First Job upon Graduation — Let it be known, far and wide, that you're on the job market. Tell your friends, family, social networks, even your dentist what kind of job you're looking for. [The Savvy Scot]

A Mini-Guide to Not Being Frustrated All the Time — A moment of frustration can cause you to be irritated and angry throughout the day. Use this guide to help you work through the frustration and become less frustrated overall. [Zen Habits]

7 Clever Ways to Stay on Schedule — If you know that a meeting or task tends to run long, purposely ask someone to interrupt you and let you know that it's time to wrap things up. [The Order Expert]

How to Survive Tweens, Part 1 — The tween years will throw every parent for a loop — no matter how well you know your kids. They don't need you to be a friend, especially at this stage of their lives. Be the adult. Give them the guidance they're really looking for. [Parenting Squad]

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