Best Money Tips: How to Be More Interesting


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share tips to help you be the most (interesting) you can be, a tutorial for adding an adjustable waist to pants, and an eco-friendly, budget-wise idea for gift wrapping.

Top 5 Articles

How To Be More Interesting Than You Ever Thought Possible (And Let Everyone Know It!) — It's time to show the world how awesome you are! One way to connect to your audience is to use stories when you talk about your passions. Pick The Brain

Add An Adjustable Waist to Any Pants — Sometimes, even children's clothes will need some tailoring. Good thing you can fix loose pants at home with just a few sewing supplies and minimal sewing skills. Frugal Upstate

Reusable gift wrap: pillowcases! — The pillowcase gift wrap/bag is perfect for family gifting: no wrapping, no waste, no gift tags necessary! Parent Hacks

How to Dine Out Without Blowing Your Holiday Budget — Exercising self-control is much easier when your fellow diners are on the same page when it comes to your dining budget. Redeeming Riches via Currency

The Top 5 Holiday Scams for 2010 — It's the season of buying and selling — and scams. 'Smishing' is the text messaging variant of email phishing scams. Similar to the common 'don't click on the link!' advice for suspicious emails, don't call the number included in the text message. Money Talks News

Other Essential Reading

Office supplies ornaments — What better way to decorate the office Christmas tree than with ornaments made of office supplies? Check out these photos for inspiration. Shoplet

8 ways to wreck your life insurance — A common mistake is underestimating your family's life insurance need — and in particular, the value of a stay-at-home spouse. MSN Money

How to Handle Mixed Financial Messages — There is A LOT of financial advice out there (and around here). You can get an idea of how reliable a source is by finding out how they make a living. Billeater

Tweak Your Ceiling Fan — A ceiling fan isn't only good for warm days. Set the blades spinning to push air up, circulating heat around the room. Wired

Four Ways to Tone Your Body at Home — From power squats in the bathroom to tricep dips on the stairs, your home is the perfect place to tone up in the winter. Huffington Post

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