Best Money Tips: How to Beat Bad Customer Service

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to beat bad customer service, grocery items you’re overspending on, and how to do a wedding for less than $10,000.

Top 5 Articles

Get Satisfaction: 16 Ways to Beat Bad Customer Service — Don't be afraid to follow up on an inquiry or complaint. Follow-ups are usually bumped up to the front of the queue. [Cheapism]

10 Grocery Items You’re Overspending On…Plus 10 Items NOT to Buy at the Grocery Store! — Instead of buying packages of fresh herbs every time you need them, get small planters of your favorite herbs and grow them yourself. [$5 Dinners]

How To Do A Wedding For Under $10,000 — Instead of going to expensive specialty vendors, talk to your local stores — like the corner bakery for your wedding cake and a grocery store for flowers. [Your Smart Money Moves]

Save while you shave: How to find the best razor for your face and your wallet — There are two kinds of electric razors: foil and rotary. Choosing the right kind for you depends on your hair type, skin type, how often you shave, and other factors. [The Monitor]

Nevermind the Brochures — Here's Why You Should Really Study Abroad — Logistically, studying abroad is the easiest way to experience life overseas. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

6 Ways to Get Your Child Back on a School Schedule — Check if there are any traffic changes or construction zones along the route to school. You may need to alter your commute to ensure everyone gets to school and work on time. [Parenting Squad]

You’re Exhausted and It’s Costing You Money: How to Fix It — Prioritize getting to bed at a reasonable hour. We need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to feel our best. [SheBudgets]

Debt Doesn’t Just Happen: Warning Signs to Watch For — Are you using the need to build up credit as an excuse to rack up debt? [Northern Cheapskate]

How to Survive a Layoff — It's easy to waste away the day when you don't have a job to go to. It's important to make a schedule for the things you're supposed to do each day. [My Dollar Plan]

Use This Strategy to Never Hit The Snooze Button Again — Deciding in advance that you will get up when the alarm goes off takes the snooze option off the table. [Dumb Little Man]

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