Best Money Tips: How to Become a Millionaire

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we have some awesome tips on how to become a millionaire, strengthening your emergency fund, and getting refunds when your travel plans go awry.

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How to Become a Millionaire — Most people dream about becoming a millionaire. But if you want to make this dream a reality, you must avoid expecting instant gratification. [Moolanomy]

3 Steps to Strengthen Your Emergency Fund — When trying to strengthen your emergency fund, really think about where you should put your money. Be sure your money is where it will be easily accessible and where it will get good interest rates. [Christian Personal Finance]

How to Get a Refund When Travel Goes Awry — If your flight gets cancelled, ask to be rebooked with a different airline so that you aren't stuck for days waiting for a flight with your original airline. [SmartMoney]

Time-Saving Routines for A Good Morning — If you want to create a time-saving routine for your morning, make figuring out your wardrobe the night before part of your plan.[LearnVest]

Five habits of financially successful people — Did you know that most financially successful people are financially educated? [Blogging for Change]

Other Essential Reading

6 signs your date is a financial dud — If you are on a date with someone who only pays for things with prepaid cards, beware! Your date is probably a financial dud. [Money Blue Book]

Combat single-sock syndrome — Chances are it has happened to you: you put a pair of socks in the dryer and only one comes out. If you have one lonely sock, try using it as a pet toy instead of just throwing it away (or hoping its match shows up). [Frugal Village]

Neighbors Can Be Frugal Together —  Team up with your neighbors to share resources or equipment and watch your savings add up! [Frugal Babe]

Bare bones kitchen essentials — Do you know what essentials every frugal kitchen should have? If you are lacking a a can opener or a large ladel, chances are your kitchen is missing some of the bare bones essentials. [SimpliFried]

How To Navigate A New Job — Starting a new job can be stressful. Make it easier on yourself by being friendly and asking questions. [Jezebel]

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Avoid expecting instant gratification... That is something that we all must learn. I remember when I was starting out I felt a constant annoyance because of my finances. During that time, I felt that my money was not growing fast enough.

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The instant gratification thing so true. It's why I check all my online investment accounts obsessively. Doesn't make the money grow faster but I still can't help it. ;)

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Although I'm not a millionaire (I'm still young) I pretty sure anyone can become a millionaire. To be honest a millionaire isn't even what most would consider very rich. It is basically "well off" in todays terms. You just need to be frugal, save a lot and invest wisely. That means no Lamborghini and other unnecessary spending.