Best Money Tips: How to Buy a Family Home Without the Stress

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on how to buy a home without the stress, how to choose the best sunscreen, and pro cleaning tips and tricks that will save you time.

Top 5 Articles

The Complete Guide To Buying A Family Home Without All The Stress — Don't get caught up in a bidding war. Set an upper limit to what you're willing to pay, and if other people place bids beyond your limit, back out. [Adventures of Frugal Mom]

How to choose the best sunscreen — Sunscreen should be a part of your everyday routine, but it's critical in the summer when we're more likely to spend time outdoors. Here's what you need to know to get the best protection for your skin. [Frugal Nurse]

11 Professional Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Save Time — Put together a cleaning bucket that you can tote around when you clean. Cleaning will be easier and faster with all your supplies in one place. [A Mess Free Life]

The 10 Best Places to Travel Alone in the US — Whether you want to be pampered, spend time in nature, or hit up a party scene, there's an awesome getaway for every kind of solo traveler. [PopSugar Smart Living]

9 Free Ways to Encourage Self-love & Confidence in Our Children — It's important that we build up children's self-worth and teach them to love themselves. [The Frugal Feminista]

Other Essential Reading

'Keep the test!' A debate flares over exam-based public high schools. — How do we define merit in a way that's fair and inclusive for all students? [The Christian Science Monitor]

A Minimalist Perspective, Pros And Cons Of Getting A Dog — Are you thinking about getting a dog? Learn how having a dog around can affect a minimalist, intentional lifestyle. [Break the Twitch]

20 Vegetables You Can Start In July For A Full Fall Harvest — It's not too late to start a garden full of leafy greens, root crops, and other veggies. You still have plenty of options for a full fall harvest. [Pampered Chicken Mama]

Helpful and Money Saving Travel Hacks — Research your phone and Internet options before your trip, and see if there are offline modes for the apps and tools you'll want to use while you travel. [Penniless Parenting]

7 Practical Ideas For Living Within Your Budget — Get your family involved! Let everyone know about your financial goals and share tips about how to be wiser about money, together. [Frugal Wiz]

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