Best Money Tips: How to Buy Coupons on Ebay

By Linsey Knerl on 3 September 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you a way to get more coupons, ten tips for shopping safely online, and how to fix a mean beans and cornbread!

Top 5 Articles

How and Why to Buy Coupons on Ebay — Don’t buy 12 newspapers just to get the coupons! Stick with these tips for purchasing them online, and save a fortune. Mummy Deals

10 Essential Tips for Online Shopping Safety — Are you up on encryption and approval certificates? If not, you could be exposing yourself to cyber criminals! Sweating the Big Stuff

Beyond Beans and Cornbread — A yummy, filling, and affordable dish, this method of cooking beans and the accompanying cornbread recipe is delish! Wholesome Mommy

How Would Panhandlers Use Free Credit Cards — This article is fascinating! If given a prepaid credit card, what kinds of purchases would they make — and would they return the card if asked? Toronto Star via Get Rich Slowly

Fabulous Freebies 2010 — Who say’s there’s not such thing as a free lunch (or tech support, cash, and ice cream)? Get a list of amazing freebies here! Kiplinger

Other Essential Reading

6 Signs that Investment is in Bubble Mode — If you’re wondering where we are at in regards to the economy and the attitude of people in general, this piece has some great insight. Moolanomy

When You Can Negotiate an Apartment Lease and When to Walk Away — Know what the current market price is for your lease, and you’ll be in a better position to haggle. This and other tips readily available for your reading pleasure! Money Ning

How To Get Girls if You Live at Home with Mom and Dad — This article is all about perspective. Free laundry and home cooked meals can be seen as a glass-half-full scenario. Financial Samurai

10 Ways to Get Fit for Little or No Money — There are a few new ideas on this list of tips for working out sans gym membership. Len Penzo

Preparing for a Baby: What Do You Really Need? From deluxe swings to baby bottle brushes, there are some things that are necessary — and others, not so much. Find out one blogger’s opinion in this must read list. Cool to Be Frugal

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