Best Money Tips: How to Buy Happiness


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on tips and tricks for buying happiness, places that pay you to live there, and trash that you can actually sell.

Top 5 Articles

Tips and Tricks for Buying Happiness — Spend money on things you love doing — but be selective! Do lots of research to make sure it's a good purchase. [Dumb Little Man]

9 Places That Pay You to Live There — Residents who have lived in Alaska for at least one full year can receive a rebate averaging $1,200 a year. []

Cash for Junk: 18 “Trash” You Don’t Want to Throw Away — Old magazines, especially back issues of niche topics like fashion or crafts, are fairly sought after. eBay is a good place to sell them. [Money Pantry]

6 Tips That Will Make Traveling With Your Dog So Much Easier — Watch this video for tips to make traveling with your dog easy as pie, wherever you go! [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Little Things You Can Do to Be More Productive — Review your to-do list before you begin working. This way, you'll know what the day will look like and be able to prioritize tasks accordingly. [Time Management Ninja]

Other Essential Reading

7 Ways to Beat Financial Stress — If you're already stressed about your finances, stop borrowing money. You're only shooting yourself in the foot when you increase your debt. [Everyday Financial Strategies]

Test Out the 30-Day Delay: Limit Impulse Purchases — When you're tempted to buy something on impulse, give yourself 30 days to revisit the item. If you still want it, buy it…but odds are, you've reconsidered over the course of the month. [Equifax]

How to Save Money on Dental Care — Many many community health centers offer dental programs for seniors and low-income families. Do some research and see if you qualify for a program in your area. [Current on Currency]

10 Point Check List For A Good Life — Having a good life means you make time for others — and for yourself. [Change Your Thoughts]

How to Make Time for Hobbies as a Busy Parent — Is your hobby something that the entire family can enjoy? [Parenting Squad]

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