Best Money Tips: How to Care for Your Shoes

By Linsey Knerl on 4 October 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you expert tips for taking care of your shoes, how to make money as a lab rat, and which bloggers on Twitter can save you some cash!

Top 5 Articles

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Shoes — Many of us take them for granted, and yet a little TLC can help them last a lifetime. Get tips for cleaning, storage, and repair so that you can get every penny out of every pair! Jezebel

7 Things You Should Know About Groupons — This hot trend in shopping isn’t your typical coupon-clipping experience. Find out more to save big where you live! Smart Spending

How to Make a (Good) Living as a Human Lab Rat — Want insider tips on how to do medical tests for extra cash? You could even make enough for it to replace a real job! Asylum via Consumerist

Delicious Autumn Dinner Recipes — These mouth-watering dishes are perfect for the cool fall evenings that are about to come about. They use butternut squash and other seasonal fresh goodies! Personal Dividends

Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Follow on Twitter — I like how this list is actually a few shorter lists broken down by genre. Get the top college, Christian, and debt bloggers that are active on Twitter. Fair Loan Rate

Other Essential Reading

iPhone Users Way Into Sex, Chicken, Fish Food — This interesting study shows the buying habits of users of each kind of smart phone (as well as some tawdry bits). We’re not sure how useful it is, but it sure it interesting! Fast Company

What Does Student Loan Consolidation Even Mean? If you’re making one monthly payment for your student loan debt, you’re consolidated. But why is that good, and what is the big deal? Currency

The Value of Project Magazines — Just rip out what you’ll use and toss the rest. Get the some additional valuable tips from Trent, too! The Simple Dollar

10 Ways the 2020 Workplace Will Work for You — The rise of technology and more accountability could actually lead to a kinder, gentler workplace. Do you agree that this will make things better? MSN Careers

Hidden Costs of Small Town Life — I can really relate to this post! Those of you living in a small town can expect a few unique hassles that city living doesn’t impose. Living Well on Less

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