Best Money Tips: How to De-Stink Feet and Shoes

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, learn how to get rid of foot odor and shoe stink right at home, get resume tips for the homemaker, try a tasty recipe for mini pies, and more!

Top 5 Articles

Home Remedies for Stinky Feet and Shoes — "Changing your socks once or twice a day after drying your feet off will help cut down on foul smelling bacteria that builds up on your feet."  Frugal for Life

The Homemaker's Resume — "List any courses you took to improve your skills or learn new ones. Even community school classes or online courses can be listed if you learned a skill that an employer will value."  Saving Advice

Tiny Tarts: How to make Pie in a Jar — "Pie in a jar is just that — it's a small single serving of fruit pie made and baked in a tiny mason jar."  Squawkfox

Pick and Process Your Own Fruit to Save Money — "In most cases, picking fresh fruit is far cheaper than buying fruit at the store… Even if you're picking organic fruit."  Five Cent Nickel

8 Critical Steps Every Family Should Be Taking to Prepare for the Next Financial Crisis — "I can think of no greater hedge against unemployment than developing a second income stream."  Frugal Dad

Other Essential Reading

How To Work Your Way Out Of A Dead End Job and Get a Promotion — "A change of scenery may do you good if you have been working in the same position in the same department for a few years."  Moolanomy

6 Cool Startpages That Can Make You More Productive — "A well designed startpage could definitely make you more productive as you don't need to open separate windows to visit sites you need to everyday."  Dumb Little Man

5 Ways to Get Costco Membership Discounts — "The NEA offers a Costco discount, if you're part of any large associations check to see if they have any special Costco coupon codes that will save you money on membership."  Money Smart Life

Retail Credit Cards: Pros, Cons & Alternatives — "When you fill out an application for credit, it goes on your credit report as a negative point."  The Digerati Life

Panera Planning to Add More Pay-What-You-Want Restaurants — "The restaurant's cashiers tell customers the suggested price of their orders and then the customers decide how much to pay."  Associated Press via The Consumerist

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Do your feet really stink that bad? You should get medical attention. As far as coming up with ideas to write about, why not try how to take the smell from these articles go away. The CAPTCHA is pretty amusing. Any CV or just use alot of products?