Best Money Tips: How to Find Amazon Freebies


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found the tricks to finding free stuff on Amazon, the best things to buy in February, and how to score big bargains on Super Bowl Sunday.

Top 5 Articles

13 Tricks to Find Useful Amazon Freebies (No Junk Samples!) — Amazon offers tons of digital entertainment — movies, music, books — for free if you know where to look. [Money Pantry]

Family Shopping Guide: What to Buy in February — You'll find great deals on clothing and home items during Presidents' Day sales at most major stores. [Parenting Squad]

How to Score Big Bargains on Super Bowl Sunday — If football isn't your kind of sport, head to somewhere that is usually crowded — but isn't thanks to the big game. Many zoos and museums will be offering discounts and extra perks on Super Bowl Sunday. [Kiplinger]

7 Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office While Everyone Else Is Sneezing — Pack some disinfecting wipes. At the start of the day, clean everything you touch on a regular basis, like your keyboard, mouse, or pens. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Tips for Saving Money on In-Season Produce — Once you know which fruits and veggies are in season, look for them at your local farmers market for even greater savings. [Frugal Village]

Other Essential Reading

Nature as your gym: Tips for beginning a jogging routine — Shake up your routine! Map out a different route each day to explore new footpaths and trails. [Nature Moms Blog]

Beauty on a Budget: Ten Frugal Beauty Tips — Store your products appropriately to ensure they don't go bad before you finish the container. [Frugal Beautiful]

5 Ways To Break Free From Procrastination — Before you feel bogged down by a task, find ways to make it fun. Turn on some music or take your laptop to the park for some inspiration. [Cash The Checks]

The Difference Between Income and Wealth — A higher income doesn't necessarily translate to wealth. [Wealthy Turtle]

4 Collectibles with the Possibility of a Financial Return — A rare, out-of-print book can give you a hefty return at auction. [Money Soldiers]

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