Best Money Tips: How to Get Into Shape on a Shoestring Budget

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on tips for getting into shape on a shoestring budget, filthy habits you should drop by 40, and secret ways to make your clothes last longer.

Top 5 Articles

10 Tips For Getting Into Shape On A Shoestring Budget — Need some motivation? Sign up for a local race of obstacle course! Most tend to run under $50, and the fees usually go to charity. [Because I'm Cheap]

6 Filthy Habits You Should Drop Before You Hit 40 — If you've been neglecting dental care, stop it right now! Your oral health greatly impacts your general, overall health. [Change Your Thoughts]

7 Secret Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer — Wooden hangers are less likely to snag and tear clothes, and their thickness keeps shirt shoulders in the correct shape. [Living on Fifty]

5 Reasons You Wake Up Tired Even With a Full Night's Rest — It doesn't matter how long you sleep if it's low-quality rest. Things like sleeping with a pet, having caffeine late in the day, or having too much background noise can keep you from a restful night. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Seven Skills That Will Help Anyone Achieve Their Financial Goals — Patience is a good skill to have. It allows you to keep going even when you don't see the desired outcome right away. [The Simple Dollar]

Other Essential Reading

5 Ways to Make Mornings More Manageable…When You Are NOT a Morning Person — Make good use of your evenings! Prep whatever you can the night before (make lunches, set out the next day's outfits, arrange backpacks and bags) so you won't have to do them the next morning. [$5 Dinners]

Salt Types and When to Use Them — There are many different kinds of salt, and certain kinds are better for certain tasks. Use rock salt if you're making ice cream or you want to get rid of the ice on your sidewalk or driveway. [More With Less Today]

8 Ways to Tie the Knot Without Breaking the Bank — Consider having your wedding earlier in the day. Catering for a breakfast or brunch reception tends to be less expensive than dinner. [The Allstate Blog]

5 Ways To Fit Your Side Hustle Into Your Work Week — Carve out time to work on your side hustle like you would for an appointment. [Stack The Chips]

10 Steps to Fix Your Damaged Friendship — When you're meeting with a friend to try to repair a friendship, don't include other people in the discussion. The conversation should be between only you and your friend. []

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