Best Money Tips: How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

By Linsey Knerl on 20 August 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how to get rid of those nasty bed bugs, why you should really unplug your computer at night, and how to make a cute sundress from two pillowcases!

Top 5 Articles 

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs – In wake of all of the buzz surrounding this vicious and hard-to-destroy pest, we thought last summer’s article on hiring a professional and giving it a DIY try is especially useful!  NY Times 

Unplug Your Computer Energy Costs – I almost fainted when I figured out how much of my electric bill was probably coming from my always running desktop computer. Calculate your usage and find ways to save here.  FreeShipping.Org 

7 Startling Facts About the Perils of Sitting – There’s more to staying in a chair all day than just a bad case of “blogger’s butt.”  Find out the risks to being inactive in this spooky piece.  Divine Caroline 

Is That Your Family?  Prove It. - With healthcare costs set to rise next year, your employer will still cover you – but you might have to prove your family is really kin.  Money Talks News 

5 Not-So-Obvious Solutions to Baby-Proofing Problems – You really don’t have to hire an expensive professional to come in and audit your home for the most basic issues.  In fact, many of these quick “fixes” are free!  Parenting Squad 

Other Essential Reading 

How Do I Survive Until I Get My First Paycheck – Congrats! You’ve managed to get a job in this rough economy.  But what will you do until that first check comes in? Bargaineering 

Quit Your Job the Smart Way (And Save a Fortune) – The recent incident with Jet Blue attendant Steven Slater has many of us considering a dramatic “take this job and shove it” exit, but it will only cost you in the long run.  These options are smarter and will keep your bottom line in tact.  Kiplinger 

48 Things Frugality Has Taught Me – I really like sun tea, too, Trent!  Find out what else you may have in common in this mega-list!  The Simple Dollar 

The Best and Least Expensive Kids Birthday Party Idea – This isn’t for everyone, but as far as a low-cost and fun (for the kids) party solution, it certainly takes the cake! Fiscal Geek 

Pillowcase Sundress – Can you sew?  This cute piece for adults is made from two pillowcases!  Get the instructions for this neat DIY here.  Craftzine via MomAdvice

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