Best Money Tips: How to Handle Life's Speed Bumps


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share tips to help you get over life's speed bumps, ways improve the gas mileage of your car, and handy uses for charcoal!

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10 Speed Bumps On The Road To A Better Life — Life can be stressful sometimes — that's normal. Just make sure you balance it out with things that help you relieve stress. Dumb Little Man

Five Tricks To Improve Gas Mileage — Plan your activities around a specific area to avoid driving all over the place. It makes sense, right? Wealth Pilgrim

10 Handy Alternative Uses of Charcoal — Place a few pieces of chemical-free charcoal in a pair of pantyhose and hang it wherever you need a natural air freshener. The Daily Green

3 Ways to Get a Real Deal on a Year-End Car Sale — There's no need to drive from dealer to dealer for negotiations. Just email the internet sales managers with the details of the car you want, and let them know that you will buy from the lowest bidder. Money Smart Life via Currency

Make the Most of After Christmas Sales — Take advantage of after Christmas sales to shop for next year's gifts in advance. Don't forget to use coupons! Coupon Shoebox

Other Essential Reading

What Pop Songs Tell Us About Our Money — Times are tough, and the lyrics of today's pop songs show it. You know, I think I prefer the "songs that celebrate love and romance, the ultimate antidote to tough financial times" to the ones promoting luxury brands. U.S. News

15-Minute Oreo Pie Recipe — Oh my. This pie looks delicious. Period. Money Saving Mom

Good Oral Health Will Save You Money — Dental visits can cost a pretty penny. The best way to save on your teeth is to take care of them before something goes wrong. Here's how. Saving Advice

How to Take Quality Pictures With Your Phone — Try to avoid using the flash on your phone, which would hit the person smack in the face for a very unnatural look. Instead, turn on other light sources around the room. Money Talks News

What to Do With Unwanted Gift Cards — At Plastic Jungle, you can sell your gift cards or exchange them for an Amazon gift card, or donate them to a charity. Kiplinger

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