Best Money Tips: How to Improve Your Internal Clock


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share tips to help you fine-tune your internal clock, load your dishwasher the right way, and make great brown-bag lunches every day.

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How to Hone the Accuracy of Your Internal Clock and Better Understand Your Time — Time flies when you don't know where it has gone. Start measuring how long it takes to do things; you may find that your 10-minute shower is actually 25 minutes. Lifehacker

Learn to Load Your Dishwasher Like a Pro — Even if there's room on the top rack, you should put pots, pans, and other heavy-duty dishes on the bottom rack, where the water pressure and temperature are higher. CasaSugar

How to Make Great Packed Lunches for Work — Remember to throw in a piece of fruit or some veggies! Dumb Little Man

7 Lies You're Wired To Believe — No need to take action today — there's always tomorrow, right? (Wrong.) Pick the Brain

5 Ways to Lose Your Stuff (Not Your Lover) — Designate a temporary storage area as a sort of purgatory for your stuff. If something is missed within three months, you can move it back into your life — but if it isn't, let it go. Zen Habits

Other Essential Reading

The Risks In Business: Do You Have What It Takes To Run A Business? — An unpredictable business climate can seem like a rollercoaster ride. Will you be able to make sound financial decisions without letting your emotions take over? Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Don't be Pushed: How to Work at Your Own Pace — If you have some control over your schedule, try to set realistic deadlines that you can actually keep. Escape Velocity

Three Discounts to Ask Your Cable Company About — Your biggest cost is probably the service fee, but you can talk to a customer service rep and ask about service discounts or promotions. Suburban Dollar

How Charity Can Make Poverty Even Worse — Money alone can't solve poverty; it's also a cultural issue. Money Help for Christians via Currency

Scam Alert! Ten Signs to Avoid — Anything unsolicited — be it mail, emails, phone calls — should raise a red flag. Trash it, ignore it, and ask to be removed from their call list. The Simple Dollar

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