Best Money Tips: How to Love Cooking


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on how to love cooking, the best gym membership deals, and money mistakes you should avoid in college.

Top 5 Articles

How to Love Cooking — Get yourself to love cooking by making it social. [Consumerism Commentary]

Best Gym Membership Deals — To get the best gym membership deals, take advantage of corporate discounts. [Money Smart Life]

5 Dumbest Money Mistakes I Made in College — Listen to this writer's cautionary tale -- it can happen to anyone. [Lifehacker]

Stuff New Home Owners Never Think About — If you are a new home owner, don't forget to take into consideration the roof and water heater. [Budgets Are Sexy]

5 Unusual Ways to Raise Successful Children — Raise successful children by providing unconditional love. [Get Rich Slowly]

Other Essential Reading

6 Dead Simple Steps to a Healthier Credit Report — Get a healthier credit report by making sure to use your credit card. [Money Ning]

3 Ways to Ensure a Fast Tax Refund — Want to get your tax refund fast? E-file your taxes this year! [Bible Money Matters]

Fresh Start Resolution: Reassess Your Savings Account — Make sure you have the best savings account for you by doing some research. [SavvySugar]

10 Tips to Organize Your Home in 2012 — If you want to get your home organized in 2012, give your space a purpose. [Mainstreet]

5 Tips to Help Your College Student Have a Successful Spring Semester — To help your college student have a successful spring semester, make sure to know what resources are available to them. [Parenting Squad]

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Ben Edwards's picture

Thanks for mentioning the gym membership deals post! Great roundup, some good articles in here, thanks.

Don't know if I'll ever love cooking, I do love eating though : )

Ashley Jacobs's picture

You are welcome! And I'm right there with you. I love eating more than I love cooking! :)

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