Best Money Tips: How to Make Green French Fries


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you a recipe for green french fries, the secrets of self-made millionaires, and ways to save on the putting green!

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Green French Fries — Stuck with extra zucchini? Perhaps you just need a crispy way to get your kids to eat veggies? This recipe reminds me of restaurant French fried Green Beans — but with a different member of the green family! (yum.) Dinner A Love Story via Mom Advice

8 Reasons you SHOULD Use Coupons — We’ve heard the ol’ back and forth between people who clip and those who don’t. This rebuttal to a recent Yahoo! article is very clever, and a great read for those on both sides of the fence. Mommy Snacks

12 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires to Help You Simplify Your Finances — Are your money processes getting complicated? Take a moment to streamline them with these tips from those who have made themselves rich! Simple Financial Lifestyle

Find Freebies on Facebook and Twitter — Looking for insider tips for snagging free swag from your favorite brands? Why not try two of the most popular social media sites! This article is chock-full of strategies for stocking your freebie pile! MSN’s Living With Less

Hit the Links: Ways to Save on Golf — Do you have to get your golf fix during the week? Here are some obvious (and not-so-obvious) ways to save when on the back nine. Free Money Finance

Other Essential Reading

Whole Foods Challenge — Eating out can be a challenge when you want your family to stick to whole foods. This article provides a few tips for those with kids (like choosing fruits that aren’t overloaded with pesticides!) Wholesome Mommy

A Healthy, Colorful Diet: Good for the Waistline and the Wallet — If it resembles a rainbow (and doesn’t come out of a box), it’s likely to be great for your body! Check out why. The Digerati Life

A Top-to-Bottom Guide to Saving Money Around The House — Don’t leave any room out of your quest to be efficient and budget-friendly! With visual guides to give a hand, this article rocks! Quicken via Lifehacker

Discover Card Acceptance Hits 90% — While it used to be common to have Discover rejected at many shopping outlets, it’s now becoming as common as VISA and Mastercard. Have you reconsidered this perk-friendly card lately? Nerd Wallet

20 Things You Should Never Buy Used — Have you grown to think that second-hand is always cheaper? It may be, but that doesn’t mean it is better (or more frugal.) Find out the items you should avoid purchasing from a previous owner. US News and World Report

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Guest's picture

The green french fries sound like a great idea.

Has anyone tried to deep-fry them in a fryer without the batter? That could also be an option. A little less healthy, but an option...:)

Linsey Knerl's picture

Haven't tried that, but it sounds delish! (I could see my kids dipping those in ketchup!)

Guest's picture

Thanks for the mention to my post, Linsey! What a great round-up of money tips this week too!