Best Money Tips: How to Make Money While Running Errands


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on a way to make extra money while you’re running errands, tips to spruce up any small space, and creative storage solutions.

Top 5 Articles

How to Make Extra Money While Running Errands — If you're out and about anyway, you can make some extra cash for the holidays by delivery packages. [Money Talks News]

5 Tips to Make Any Small Space Sing — Make use of your vertical space! Bookshelves and racks can house an assortment of things, and you can display cards and photos on bulletin boards. [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Creative Storage Solutions — Use paint, paper, a or fabric to dress up boxes, jars, cans, and other organizational items. [Living Well Spending Less]

How And Where To Store Your Produce To Make It Last — Onions and potatoes both benefit from dry, cool, and dark spaces with plenty of air flow, but DO NOT store them together. Onions give off a gas that makes potatoes sprout and rot more quickly. [Saving Dollars & Sense]

Value of graduate school degree varies by field — When you return to school for a second degree, odds are you're doing it for career advancement, a higher salary, or both. That's why it's important to figure out if the degree you're seeking will give you a good return for your time and money. [The Monitor]

Other Essential Reading

Ways to Save Money on Groceries Without Clipping Coupons — You'll find more sales during the midweek than on weekends. [Northern Cheapskate]

8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Know If You’re Ready to Buy a House — As a homeowner, you are responsible for your property. That means you should know how to clean it, maintain it, and fix basic home problems like a leaky faucet or a broken fixture. [Ready To Be Rich]

4 Little-Known Mistakes You’re Probably Making on Your Cover Letters — Don't gush on your cover letter. Sounding too desperate can turn hiring managers off. [The Penny Hoarder]

5 Ways to Know You Are Getting The Best Financial Advice — Watch out for scare tactics! The person giving the advice may be trying to get you to make an emotional decision. [Smart Step]

How to Prepare Your Home for a Safe Halloween — Add decorative lights to illuminate the path to your door and to help keep visitors safe. [Parenting Squad]

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