Best Money Tips: How to Make Your Habits Stick

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share tips to help you stick to new habits, a sweet recipe for homemade hand-pulled cotton candy, and clever hacks for the frugal traveler!

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6 Practical Tips To Make Your Habits Stick — Give your new habit a 21-day trial period. According to research, that's how long it takes to make or break a new habit. Dumb Little Man

Hand-Pulled Cotton-Candy 'Round the World — Watch the video to learn how to make hand-pulled cotton candy with just a few basic ingredients and some time! Cooking Issues via Lifehacker

Five favorite travel hacks that cost just pennies — A spare contact lens case is great for storing small amounts of ointments and creams on the go. Practical Hacks

9 Quick and Easy Penny-wise Frugal Home Tips — You can save money, storage space, and the environment by making your own cleaning supplies. Bargaineering

How to NOT Overdo It This Holiday Season — Not all holiday parties are hunky-dory, merry affairs. Having an escape plan ready to execute will limit the time you need to spend at stressful and unhappy gatherings. Parenting Squad

Other Essential Reading

Save Money on Beauty Products — The dollar store is a great place to buy generic brands of soap, lotion, and shampoo at low, low prices. Money Ning

Should You Go on Vacation When You're in Debt? — Sometimes, you just need a break. And it's OK to take one, even if you're in debt, because you can relax and have fun on a budget-friendly staycation. Green Panda Treehouse

How to Make Money Recycling Paper, Plastic, Cans & Scrap Metal — You may be able to get a little extra income from a scrap dealer when you bring in metal window frames, gutters, bed frames, stainless steel sinks, filing cabinets, or parts from retired appliances. My Two Dollars

10 Must-Haves for Your Car for Holiday Travel — A first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher are two home essentials that are good to bring along when you hit the road for the holidays. Kiplinger

What Happens If You Default on a Student Loan? — Bad things will happen, unsurprisingly. If it looks like you're going to default on a student loan, the best thing to do is call your lender and try to work it out. Money Help for Christians via Currency

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