Best Money Tips: How to Miss Your Goals


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share the ways that a goal can fall through, creative uses for dryer sheets, home recipes for car cleaning products, and more!

Top 5 Articles

Ten Ways to Make Sure You Fail to Hit Your Goals — It's good to have goals, but having too many can tire you out and wear you down. Dumb Little Man

Surprising New Uses for Dryer Sheets — Rub a dryer sheet over clothes or flyaway hair to stop the static effect. Shine

7 Home Recipes for Car Cleaning Products — You can make your own car wax with a mix of linseed oil, carnauba wax, beeswax, and vinegar. Coupon Sherpa

10 Tips on Going Green In College — Instead of printing everything out, bring a laptop to class to take notes and to review slides and other documents. The Daily Green

The Top 15 Cheapest New Cars of 2011 — Kicking off the list at No. 15, the Scion XB has the most powerful engine of the group. 20Somethingfinance

Other Essential Reading

3 Food Saving Ideas — Buying popcorn at the movies? Get the larger size to split with your friends. (It's an even better deal if they do free refills!) The Frugal Life News

The Complete List of 66 Teacher Discounts — Teachers can get 15% off their entire purchase at New York & Company just by flashing their school ID. Gift Card Granny

Parents Just Don't Understand? Listen to Their Financial Advice — Sure, we learn a lot from our own mistakes, but we can also learn from those who have more life experience — like our parents. Financial Samurai via Currency

10 things you can do to avoid fraud — Here is handy reminder provided by the FTC as part of their campaign for National Consumer Protection Week (March 6-12). PDF Brochure via FTC

How to Avoid Paying Cell Phone Overage Charges — Here's a quick guide to changing your rate plans with four major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. No Debt Plan

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Thanks for the tips list Amy! I would make one minor suggestion when it comes to the teacher discounts resource you provided. I found a bigger list (160+) at Not sure if all they work but seems pretty neat!

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