Best Money Tips: How to Negotiate Your Rent Payment

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on negotiating rent payments, free stuff for your birthday, and making your commute suck less.

Top 5 Articles

How to Negotiate Your Rent Payment — To negotiate your rent payment, pay your rent early and propose a longer lease term. [Money Smart Life]

Free Stuff On Your Birthday — Did you know you can get a free Grand Slam at Denny's on your birthday? [Generation X Finance]

7 Ideas to Make Your Commute Suck Less — If you want to make your commute suck less, carpool or eat your breakfast in the car. [NarrowBridge Finance]

How to have a great wedding on a small budget — Have a great wedding without breaking the bank by opting for simple invitations and choosing a non-traditional venue. [Living On The Cheap]

Helping Others Without Spending Money — Volunteering or sharing your expertise with others can enable you to help others without spending money. []

Other Essential Reading

30 Signs You Grew Up In A Frugal Family — Chances are you grew up in a frugal family if you rarely went out to eat or got takeout. [Boomer & Echo]

The Essential Rules for 9-to-5 Attire — When dressing for work, always aim for a polished, professional look. [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Personal Finance Tenets That Aren't as Smart as They Used to Be — Instead of taking advantage of tax deductions through a 401k account, only max out your 401k to the limits that your employer will match your contributions. [Len Penzo dot Com]

Health Reimbursement Account Benefits - What You Need to Know — Health Reimbursement Accounts are not tax deductible for employees. [Cash Money Life]

9 Whole Foods to Feed Your Baby When She's Ready for Solids — Consider feeding your baby brown rice and pears when she is ready for solid food. [Parenting Squad]

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Nice roundup. I enjoyed the rent negotiating one.

I think many people sometimes forget that just about everything is negotiable if you can get out of your comfort zone to ask for it!!!

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Nice tips. I've negotiated for rent 3 times, and got what I wanted twice so it's definitely always worth a try!