Best Money Tips: How to Network With a Banana

By Amy Lu on 4 November 2010 1 comment

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share a fruity networking tip for conference attendees, a handy list of 51 foods and their shelf life, plus dollar-store goodies that will save you a bundle.

Top 5 Articles

How to Network Effortlessly at Conferences With a Banana — A great way to meet people is to feed them — and what's a better on-the-go snack than the healthy, tasty banana? Sid Savara

The Shelf Life and Storage Process for 51 Foods — Reduce the food waste in your home with this handy guide, featuring 51 foods and their shelf life and storage methods.

What to Buy & What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store — The dollar store is my go-to place for plastic baskets and clothes pins, but you can find great deals on many other useful items, too! One Good Thing by Jillee

5 Tips to Stop Those Annoying Robo-Calls — You can still get robo-calls even if you're on the National Do Not Call Registry, but fortunately, there are other steps you can take to stop the unwanted calls. Money Talks News

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Career — Get a leg up on your job search by using social media to connect with the people who are looking to hire. Alpha Consumer

Other Essential Reading

Top 5 Reasons Not to Have a C-Section — Besides the risks to the mother and the baby, C-sections may increase the mother's hospital stay and are generally more expensive than vaginal births. Parenting Squad

8 DIY Cleaning Supplies — Odds are good that you already have the tools to make environmentally-friendly and cost-effective cleaning supplies. Here are recipes for carpet cleaner, laundry detergent, furniture polish, and more! Main Street

What to Do When Personal Finance Becomes a Chore — Stay focused on your finances by setting specific goals — say, a winter vacation or a car. Get Rich Slowly

How to Start an Emergency Fund on Any Budget — Figure out what is a good cash cushion for you. Open a savings account just for your emergency fund and add money over time, but do not touch! Squawkfox

End of Year Business Tax Planning Tips for 2010 — Don't wait until the new year to buy business assets. If you know that you need new machinery or make land improvements, take advantage of the bonus depreciation for 2010. Kiplinger

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