Best Money Tips: How to Prepare for the Next Recession

By Amy Lu on 6 September 2016 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to prepare for an economic downturn, tips to help you sleep on a plan like a pro, and affordable DIY kitchen upgrades that are totally worth it.

Top 5 Articles

9 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Next Recession — The economy has improved since the 2009 recession, but expansion can't last forever. Take these steps to prepare yourself for a future downturn. [Money Talks News]

12 Tips For Sleeping on a Plane Like a Pro — Bring an eye mask to block out light from the window or your neighbor's devices. Your body will think it's nighttime, even when it isn't. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Five DIY kitchen upgrades under $100 — For a kitchen with minimal counter space, a rolling kitchen cart may be the answer. [The Monitor]

Stock Up Your Kitchen for Healthier Eating — Tomato paste is versatile and rich in flavor. Use it as base for delicious soups, curries, and sauces. [Bargain Briana]

Giving > Receiving: How Giving & Being Thankful Can Increase Your Happiness — Charitable giving is obvious beneficial to the recipient, but it's a good thing for the giver, too! Join Experian's #CreditChat tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET for a discussion on the importance of giving. [Experian]

Other Essential Reading

The Best Cleaning Schedule For The Time Challenged — It's possible to keep a clean home even when you don't have time to clean. For starters, you can establish a no-shoe indoors policy to minimize the dirt and debris that are trekked in. [A Debt Free Mess Free Life]

5 Ways to Get What You Want in Your Relationship — Physical contact can often communicate more deeply than worlds. Try to sit together, hold hands, or just be close to one another. [Dumb Little Man]

4 Benefits Of Rising Early and How To Master Morning Wake-ups — Getting up earlier in the morning can make you more productive and creative. But don't try to make a huge change — take baby steps and allow your body to get used to the new rhythm. [Time Management Ninja]

How to ask for a reference that lands you your dream job — Unless your reference knows you really well and is an excellent communicator, you'll have to put in some work to get a stellar recommendation. [I Will Teach You To Be Rich]

Are you micromanaging your mind? — If you don't trust your personal systems, you'll spend unnecessary mental attention to details and end up pulling yourself too thin. [Getting Things Done]

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