Best Money Tips: How to Redecorate Without Spending a Dime


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on simple ways to redecorate without spending anything, body language mistakes we often make, and places to get free WiFi.

Top 5 Articles

Four Simple Ways To Redecorate Your Home Without Spending A Dime — Go through each room and make a few edits: relocate art to another room, rearrange the items on your shelves, or get rid of clutter. [SheBudgets]

10 Body Language Mistakes We Make Without Realizing It — Looking away when you're having a conversation with someone will make the other person think you're not interested in what they're saying. [Change Your Thoughts]

21 Places to get Free Wifi Wherever You Go — Many restaurants and retailers with locations across the country now offer free Wi-Fi. [Saving Freak]

10 Less Stressful Ways to Get Your Daily Work Done — A minimalistic workspace will help you keep your focus and attention in the right place. [The Positivity Blog]

The 1 Constructive Thing You Should Do When You're Mad at Someone — Writing a letter to the person you're mad at — without sending it out — can be a good way to deal with the anger. If you do want to send a letter to the offender, however, follow these tips to keep it thoughtful and constructive. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

6 Ways to Find Cheap Flights Without Frequent Flier Miles — Sign up for apps and email alerts to know when cheap airfare deals are up for grabs. [Money Q&A]

Top 10 Gardening Rules That You Should Never Break! — Sterilize your garden tools in vinegar or rubbing alcohol after every use to avoid contaminating your whole garden if you have one diseased plant. [Moms Need to Know]

3 Important Questions to Ask Before You Decide to Work From Home — How will you separate work from pleasure? [The Penny Hoarder]

What you Should and Shouldn’t DIY for Your Wedding — Yes, professional photography is expensive, but if you want high quality photos to cherish after your wedding, you'll need to find someone with the equipment and expertise. [Everything Finance]

6 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed With End-of-Year Testing — Teach them relaxation techniques — like breathing, visualization, and focus — to use during the test. [Parenting Squad]

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