Best Money Tips: How to Retire on the Cheap


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on how to retire on the cheap, ideas to increase your income, and dangers of leasing a car.

Top 5 Articles

Planning for Retirement: How to Retire on the Cheap — To retire on the cheap, make sure to take care of your body. [Credit Sesame]

5 Ideas To Increase Your Income This Year — Increase your income this year by turning your hobby into a money maker! [SavvySugar]

Four Hidden Dangers of Leasing a Car — Leasing a car results in you having mileage limits. [Five Cent Nickel]

Customer Service - How to Get a Refund Without Losing Your Dignity — Want to get a refund without losing your dignity? Remember to remain calm and follow return policies. [The Frugal Toad]

Is It Time to Find a New Job? 4 Signs It's Time to Quit — If you wish you had more challenging assignments at work, it's probably time to find a new job. [MoneyNing]

Other Essential Reading

Why Credit Cards Beat Debit Cards — One of the reasons credit cards beat debit cards is because they offer rewards. [Free Money Finance]

How to Organize Coupons Effectively — When organizing your coupons, take into consideration organizing by need. [Moolanomy]

9 ways to make saving automatic — Make savings automatic by always using a credit card with rewards. [brip blap]

Time Management and Travel: How to Make the Most of the Journey — Make the most of your travels by going gadget free. [Stepcase Lifehack]

3 Alternatives to Traditional Baby Showers — Instead of having a baby shower, have a gender-reveal party! [Parenting Squad]

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