Best Money Tips: How to Save Hundreds on Groceries

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on tips to save hundreds on groceries, how your friends are keeping you broke, and the secret to cooking the perfect steak.

Top 5 Articles

33 Tips to Help You Save Hundreds on Your Groceries — Extend the life of your food by preserving it for later. [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Ways Your Friends Are Keeping You Broke — Do your friends plan outings and activities that strain your budget? [The Money Principle]

How To Cook the Perfect Steak Every Time Without Special Equipment — All you need is a digital thermometer, a pot, and a Ziploc bag, and (of course!) a steak. [SheBudgets]

McDonald's switch to cage-free eggs is a game-changer — McDonald's transition to a fully cage-free egg supply could mean the end for battery cages in the US. [The Monitor]

4 Fun Ways to Save Money in September — Combine summer clearance with coupons to get great deals on clothing. [Parenting Squad]

Other Essential Reading

10 Ways To Avoid Christmas Debt — Rethink your holiday decorations. What is really important to you, and what can you skip? [Adventures In Frugal Land]

This Smart Spending Trick Will Help You Make Better Buying Decisions — Before you buy a big-ticket item, consider cost-per-use to figure out of the purchase will be worth it. [The Penny Hoarder]

How to Make Your House Look More Expensive On a Budget — Use area rugs to add contrast, visual depth, and warmth! [Thirty Six Months]

How Marriage Affects Your Credit — Marriage won't affect your credit score or credit history, but it does become a factor if you are applying together for a mortgage, loans, renting an apartment, and the like. [Credit Sesame]

How to Tell if a Product or Course is Worth Your Time and Money — Consider the timing. Are you able to afford it right now, and will you have the time to use it once you've purchased it? [Careful Cents]

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