Best Money Tips: Summer Savings Inside and Out


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share ways to save money in the heat of summer, how to stay hydrated, tips to stay safe when buying online prescriptions, and more!

Top 5 Articles

Summer Savings on the Road and at Home — "Although it may seem a little rustic, the summer heat can allow you to quickly dry your laundry outdoors." Clever Dude

Staying Hydrated Without Spending a Fortune — "Whatever drinks you enjoy, buy them in bulk when they are on sale and keep them on ice so that you can bring a few bottles with you when you leave the house." Saving Advice

Buying Prescriptions Online: Is It Safe? — "Legitimate online pharmacies require a doctor’s prescription for all prescription meds, and they’ll monitor your prescriptions to protect you from harmful drug interactions. " LearnVest

10 Things Gas Stations Won't Tell You — "When it comes to gasoline credit cards, a little research goes a long way. The good deals are great, but the bad deals are really bad." MSN Money

Homemade Chicken Stock — "Homemade chicken stock is super easy to make and totally delicious. The best part is that you can control the ingredients so you can make it organic or natural and you can control the salt." Wholesome Mommy

Other Essential Reading

7 Tips to Save at Least $1,000 on Your Next Move — Moving is like doing your taxes: The earlier you start and the more preparation you do, the less stress you'll endure and the more money you'll save.  Money Talk News

Tips for Selling on Craigslist — Do your research: "If you have never spent any time on Craigslist, do not post your item until you do. There is an ebb and flow to the site. Some days are busier than others." Gather Little by Little

Get Your Car Ready for a Roadtrip — "Below are 10 things you can do to get your car ready for a roadtrip and help prevent those extra miles from turning an expensive roadside emergency." Money Smart Life

Three Easy Things That Can Save You Money on Car Maintenance — Things you can do yourself include replacing the air filter, changing windshield wipers, and oil changes. Being Frugal

Whip Up a Restaurant-Quality Porterhouse Steak on the Cheap — "You can recreate the experience of a dry-aged and deliciously broiled steak at home for a fraction of the price with this clever and inexpensive hack from foodie extraordinaire Alton Brown." Good Eats via Lifehacker

10 High Paying Jobs for High School Students — "Create your own retail website: This is a no brainer. If you're already computer literate, use this knowledge to create a website to sell products or services." Dough Roller

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