Best Money Tips: How to Socialize With Confidence

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on gaining confidence when you socialize, money mistakes almost everyone makes, and dealing with student loan debt.

Top 5 Articles

A Quick Guide to Gaining Confidence When You Socialize — Don't be afraid to share your vulnerabilities — faults, mistakes, embarrassing moments. People will feel that you're more authentic. [Zen Habits]

23 Money Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes — Don't make a purchase and forget about it. Most major retailers offer 30-day price matching, so if you see the same exact item for less somewhere else, here's an opportunity to get some money back. [Credit Donkey]

How to Deal With Student Loan Debt — If you pay half your student loan payment every two weeks, it works out to a full extra payment a year. [Experian]

5 Ways to Stay Awake Using Your Face — Massaging the muscles beneath your cheekbones will make you feel more awake AND relieves sinus headaches! [Pick The Brain]

10 Tiny Time Management Tips — Use a notebook (or an app alternative) to record important information and notes. Avoid the Post-its and random scraps of paper. [Time Management Ninja]

Other Essential Reading

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase — Ask yourself if you can wait a month or two before you buy something. If the answer is yes, then it means you don't need the item right now…or maybe not at all! [The Simple Dollar]

When and What Type of Bank Account Should I Open for My Child — For long-term gains, your best bet is a savings account with a decent yield. [Parenting Squad]

What Does a Holiday Budget Include? — Besides the cost of holiday gifts, you also need to factor in expenses for packaging those gifts, festive decorations, and dressy clothing to wear to parties. [Money Crush]

Avoid the Holiday Crowds: 12 Unique & Unusual Holiday Travel Destinations — Skip out on the holiday crowds at the beach and the slopes, and take in the sights of the Grand Canyon instead! [CouponPal]

51 Creative DIY Gift Wrap Ideas for Any Occasion — Use washi tape to create colorful shapes, patterns, or designs on plain white wrapping paper. [PopSugar Smart Living]

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Realizing that people that berate you for revealing your vulnerabilities don't really matter in the end is the most liberating thing when it comes to socializing with people. Caring what people think is a one way ticket to spiritual slavery...!

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Thanks for an excellent round up. I've just been reading the "10 Tiny Time Management Tips" which was an especially good post. Hope to see some more round up's in a similar theme to this one. Thanks again loads :)