Best Money Tips: How to Start Saving Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on how to start saving money, successfully taking in a roommate, and throwing a frugal Fourth of July party.

Top 5 Articles

The Power of Starting Small, How to Start Saving Money — When money is tight and you are saving for lofty goals like retirement, starting off by simply saving $25 per week can help you achieve your goals. [Generation X Finance]

13 Secrets to Successfully Taking in a Roommate — Successfully take in a roommate by discussing house rules before they move in and defining your personal space. []

How to Throw a Frugal and Festive Fourth of July Party — Decorate your 4th of July party on the cheap by heading to the Dollar Store! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Are these 5 Money Lies Threatening Your Marriage? — If you are hiding a job loss or spending in secret, you may be lying to the point where you are threatening your marriage. [Cash Money Life]

Want that Job? The Little Things Matter More Than You Think — Being slow to respond and sharing too much information about your personal life are just a couple little things you can do during a job interview that may mess with your chances of getting the job. [Money Smart Life]

Other Essential Reading

11 Ways to Tell Your Friends About Your New Frugal Lifestyle — To tell your friends about your new frugal lifestyle, tell them you are working on eliminating your debt. [And Then We Saved]

How Long Should You Work Before Switching Jobs? — If you are still learning and growing at your current job, it's OK for you to stick around! [Young and Thrifty]

Ladies: Reclaim the $500,000 You're Leaving on the Table — Did you know that women are likely to earn $500,000 less in their lifetime than men? [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

Cutting the Cost of Having Kids — To cut the cost of having kids, be open to using hand me downs. [Parenting Squad]

Negotiating Secret Saved Me $1,000 Off a New Car — Before you negotiate for something, take the time to do your homework. [Bargain Babe]

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I think the best way is to setup a separate savings account and automatically deduct some affordable portion into this account. Bonus points if you make the money hard to get at (cut up the debit card)!