Best Money Tips: How to Stay Focused

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share effective ways to stay focused, a technique to help you move a home-baked pie, and tips to help you deal with a mouse problem humanely.

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4 Ways to Stay Focused As You Get Older — Do only one thing at time. Multitasking can easily distract you from the task you really mean to do. Organize to Revitalize!

How to Transport Pie — Follow these steps to protect your pie-on-the-go! If you're traveling by car, place it on the floor in the backseat. YumSugar

Mouse Control, the Humane Way — Take steps to prevent mice from getting into your house. Patch any hole bigger than 1/4 inch with a mix of steel wool and caulking compound. DIY Life

Fast, Healthy Food On The Dollar Menu — Whether you cook it in a soup or slice it for sandwiches, pick up a turkey, chicken, or ham on the day after a holiday to take advantage of the price drop! Frugal for Life

How to Avoid ATM Surcharges — Find out what ATM network your bank uses, and look for the network's logo when you hit the ATM. You're only charged a fee if you leave the network. Bargaineering

Other Essential Reading

Thanksgiving Crafts For Toddlers — Here's an easy project: Make a fall tree by drawing the trunk and branches on construction paper, then glue leaves cut out from scrap fabric to decorate. Parenting Squad

Wrap it up in silver — Silver wrapping paper works great for every occasion, so stock up when you spot a sale! Unclutterer

10 Better Ways for Better Days — If you find yourself running low on motivation, ask yourself why you do what you do. Give yourself a compelling reason to keep going. Source of Insight

Should You Save for Retirement, or Pay Off Your Debt? — You can usually do both at once! Just make sure you tackle your bad debt first. Generation X Finance via Currency

Tips on Budgeting for a Move — Most people move in the beginning or the end of the month, so try to schedule yours sometime in the middle when moving companies are hungrier for business. How To Manage Money Tips

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