Best Money Tips: How to Stay Safe in Public Pools

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to stay safe in public pools, what to do if you can’t pay your bills, and inexpensive ways to keep your car in perfect condition.

Top 5 Articles

How to Cool Off and Stay Safe in Public Pools — You can't always trust public pools to have enough chlorine. Do a quick inspection before you dive in! [Vitals]

Three Smart Moves If You Can’t Pay Your Bills — Prioritize your bills. Paying the most important ones on time is better than paying none at all. [Financially Poor]

Inexpensive Methods to Keep Your Car in Perfect Condition — Take care of your tires! Have them rotated on the manufacturer's schedule (or at least every 7,500 miles) — and get your wheel alignment checked while you're at it. [Don't Pay Full]

A Nontoxic and Homemade Bleach? Yes, Please! — Store-bought bleach is a harsh chemical that can be toxic if ingested. Make a homemade bleach instead that cleans without harsh smells and potential health hazards. [PopSugar Smart Living]

7 Tips to Help You Stay Organized While Traveling — An easy way to settle into new lodgings is to develop an unpacking routine. And when it's time to leave, simply reverse the process. [The Order Expert]

Other Essential Reading

How to Easily Understand Where You Overspend — Figure out your bare bones budget — the minimum it would cost to keep living your life — and subtract that from what you're actually spending. This exercise will allow you to identify areas where you can spend less. [Due]

5 Options for Paying Unexpected Medical Bills — Before you pay a dime, call the doctor or hospital and ask if there are sliding fee discounts available. [Cult of Money]

7 Ways To Take Back Control Of Your Life — Do an audit of your life and career by making a list of what is and isn't working. What energizes you? What drains your energy?  [A Daring Adventure]

10 Non-Toxic Ways to Control Weeds — Use of solution of vodka or rubbing alcohol to dry out and kill the annual weeds growing in full sun. [Small Footprint Family]

Experience Over Things: 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas — Buy a 2016 Entertainment Book for discounts and coupons at restaurants, events, activities, and more! [Coupon Sherpa]

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