Best Money Tips: How to Survive Holiday Budget Busters


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to survive holiday budget busters, tips to slash your spending on technology, and tricks to save on winter expenses.

Top 5 Articles

5 Holiday Budget Busters & How to Survive Them — Don't say yes to invitations that you're not really excited about. There's no need to stress your budget by attending every holiday party on the block. [Everything Finance]

10 Ways to Slash Your Tech Spending Without Pain — Rent-to-own electronics and equipment can cost up to three times more than you would've paid if you simply bought it. [Money Talks News]

6 Tricks to Save on Winter Spending — If you only need to heat up one or two rooms, using a space heater instead of central heating can help you save money. [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Things to Stock Up On During the Holidays — Wrapping paper will stuff the clearance section after Christmas. Stock up on solid colors that you can use all year round! [Shopper Strategy]

How to Save Money by Preventing Theft — Don't plant trees or heavy shrubbery in front of low windows. The extra cover makes it easier for burglars to break in unnoticed. [Frugal Village]

Other Essential Reading

10 Ways to Save Money on Vet Bills (Without Compromising Your Pet’s Health) — Many supplements can help boost your pet’s immune system and improve their overall health, but some of them may be unnecessary for your pet. Ask your vet which supplements will actually help them stay healthy. [Money Pantry]

How is an HSA different from a regular savings account? — HSAs offer several tax benefits that aren't available with a typical savings account, and they often earn high interest rates on balances. [The Monitor]

How to Live Frugally While Paying Off Your Student Loans — Crunch some numbers and see if refinancing or consolidating your student loans will make your debt more manageable. [Bargain Babe]

9 Homemade Christmas Gifts That Might Actually Get Used – Most notebooks aren’t flashy, but they’re always useful. You can personalize a plain journal by adding creative touches, like a rubber-stamped monogram. [Seed Time]

5 Ways to Explain to Your Kids What They're Hearing on the Playground — Start building trust early so that, when your child needs help deciphering something they heard on the playground, they feel comfortable discussing it with you. [Parenting Squad]

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