Best Money Tips: How to Tackle Boredom

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we give you creative tips to fight the boring in life, save money on your lawn, and get picky eaters to enjoy all sorts of food!

Top 5 Articles

6 Tips for Fighting Boredom — Rebrand the boring activity by adding one word at the end: 'bus waiting mediation' is loads more interesting than plain old bus waiting, right? The Happiness Project

Save Money On Lawn Care — You can do a lot to save more money on your lawn, like using leaves as mulch, enlarging flower beds, and getting your kids to help. (Yay, free labor!) No Credit Needed

11 Tips for Turning Picky Eaters Into Foodies — Make it fun! Skewer pieces of veggies to eat on a stick or get your kids to help cook. MintLife

Work While You Travel: Strange Ways to Save Money — Save some money on your travels by getting a temp job at the hotel or hostel you're staying in, doing seasonal work, or working for your landlady. Saving Advice

4 Affordable (And Awesome) Gifts for Kids' Birthday Parties — If both families are OK with it, you can invite the birthday kid to your family's next excursion — a "ride-along" coupon! Money Ning

Other Essential Reading

Why I Had 18 Accounts (and Why I Ditched Most of Them) — You know it's time to purge your accounts when you don't know exactly how much money you have in each of them. Learn how to consolidate your accounts! Cash Money Life via Currency

What To Do When Two Incomes Turn Into One — Don't panic! Keep a level head so you can assess the situation, re-evaluate your budget, and if necessary, find a way to increase your income. Moolanomy

5 Money Moves to Make for Your Newborn Baby — Plan for your little one's future by opening a savings account, starting a 529 college savings plan, and creating a will (just in case). PT Money

4 Critical Mistakes in Retirement Planning — Have you planned for retirement yet? Go over these common mistakes to ensure you don't make them! Million Dollar Journey

6 Steps to Landing Local Jobs — The strategy you need for getting local jobs as a freelancer will be a little different from the one you use to find online work. FreelanceSwitch

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