Best Money Tips: How to Teach Kids to Save Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on teaching your kids to save money, ways to reduce your grocery bill, and financial planning tips you can't live without.

Top 5 Articles

How To Teach Kids To Save Money — Teach your kids to save money by giving them three different piggy banks. [Parenting Squad]

6 Easy Ways to Reduce your Grocery Bill — Reduce your grocery bill by taking advantage of rewards programs. [Million Dollar Journey]

30 Financial Planning Tips You Can't Live Without — Make sure to always try to stick to your budget. [Money Fox]

Romance on a Budget — Save money on romance by putting away your credit card and reaching into your heart. [Beating Broke]

6 Things to Consider Before Retiring — Before you retire, be sure to think about investment diversification. [Free From Broke]

Other Essential Reading

5 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Job — Stay healthy while at work by stocking up on snacks. [Currency]

How Do I Jump-Start a Car? — If you need to jump-start a car, start by making sure your jumper cables are in good condition. [Lifehacker]

6 Ways To Slash Your Monthly Bills — Slash your monthly bills by getting a home efficiency audit. [How to Retire Rich]

How to Be Ready for Medical Emergencies — Be ready for medical emergencies by managing your stress levels. [Fiscal Fizzle]

Eliminating the Clutter in Your Appointments — Eliminate the clutter in your appointments by not scheduling back-to-back meetings. [Time Management Ninja]

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I like to make it simple for my daughter to save. We have her put half of all her gift money or allowance into her savings account. So far it is working and it is really easy to do.

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I'm currently working with my kinds on the savings issue. So far, I encouraged them to divide their allowance into two money boxes: one for any basic needs they may have (sweets, toys, etc.) and the other one for the actual savings from which they can't simple get the money out. So far it's working quite nice.